Active Living Team


creating the perfect balance between learning, exercise, and community service.

By tracking activities that improve mind, body, and spirit, Equilibrium gives you a more complete

picture of wellness. Here's how it works:

Equilibrium organizes wellness into three categories: think, which focuses on learning; act, which

concentrates on physical fitness; and serve, which is dedicated to community service. It syncs with

your outlook calendar and shows you daily opportunities in each category. 

Equilibrium allows you to record the amount of time devoted to each activity and share with peers. It will also create charts and graphs that let you easily see the amount of time invested in each category in a day,

week, or month.


Equilibrium is a fun and easy way to quantify your total wellness within the workplace. It also lets you share your journey with others while encouraging friendly competition between groups, further spurring a more balanced way of work + life!

Link website:

(in the website you can download the app)

API - IOS 7 & Multi browser webpage

Data sets - Back end in Java - Open Source Technology with MONGO DB

Data base

Meet The Team

Hector Montalvo

Co Founder of Equilibrium

Architectural Designer at Gensler Washington DC.

Cristina Crespo

Co Founder of Equilibrium

Senior Production Designer at Starbucks Coffee Company.

Joseanibal Colon


Senior Software Engineer at Evertec, Inc.

Jen Liao

Brand Director

Senior Graphic Designer at Gensler

Washington DC.

Rolando Gumler

App Developer

Senior Environmental Graphics Designer at Gensler Washington DC. 

Chris Brown

Wellbeing Expert

Owner of Chris Brown Studios-

Yoga and Design for Conscious Living 

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Who We Need


  • Back End Developer

    We are expecting allot of users and we need to build a very efficient insfrastructure.

  • Front End Developer

    This app needs to take all the technical advantages from the technology available and make it smart and beautiful. 

  • Product Designer

    Is important to take the culture and vision of Equilibrium and run it for the next steps.

The Issues We’re Trying To Solve

More Information

DATA WE’re using:

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